Nomfundo is a director at Seymore du Toit & Basson Inc. specialising in bond registrations.

Nomfundo is an admitted attorney specialising in bond registrations.

Nomfundo joined Seymore du Toit & Basson Inc. in 2015 as a candidate attorney. She was assigned to various departments during the duration of her article contract and eventually discovered her love for real estate law while working in the conveyancing department.

In 2020, Nomfundo was appointed as director and now leads the dynamic and efficient team that handles mortgage bond registrations to the end-user purchasers in real estate transactions. Bond cancellation is also part of this prestigious portfolio.
Nomfundo obtained her LL.B degree from UNISA and is an admitted attorney and conveyancer. She aims to take the notary public exam in the future so that she can assist her clients in all aspects of property law matters. She already practices in all areas of property law, including transfers, servitudes, subdivisions and consolidations, with residential mortgage bonds being her specialty.

Clients and associates agree that Nomfundo has excellent people skills combined with meticulous articulation, making her a competitive conveyancer.

A deeply humble and religious person, Nomfundo devotes every second of her free time to community service. Her service does not only consist of donations and philanthropy, but she also teaches community members how to grow vegetables to feed themselves.