Ruan is a Director in the Conveyancing Department, specialising in commercial bond registrations. By understanding the client’s business operation he is able to provide a swift and bespoke experience to every client.

Ruan, a director at Seymore du Toit & Basson, manages the commercial bond registrations and cancellations of the property practice.

He was inspired to undertake a career in property law from the day he started studying. With Ruan’s experience in computer programming, he brings a strong analytical approach whether in advising clients regarding their property transactions or completing a task at hand. His approach has always been to ensure that every client interaction is understood at the fundamental level.

Quality of service, a strong work ethic and his reputation, is what matters most to Ruan. Working closely with colleagues in all departments, Ruan is able to uphold high standards of service and provide exceptional solutions to his clients, making him a sought-after specialist in the property sector.

Ruan is also intimately involved with the management of Seymore du Toit & Basson through his involvement in the Executive Committee, Transformation Committee and Accounting Committee of the firm, assisting in strengthening the firm through his active involvement in management and the strengthening of relationships between the firm and its clients.

In his spare time, Ruan loves spending time with his family and enjoys good food and conversation.